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Full membership of AOGFreight247 is only available to International Forwarders/Logistics Companies meeting the full criteria. Applying for full membership of AOGFreight247 couldn't be simpler, no long detailed and irrelevant application forms to complete.

Important - by submitting your application you agree and confirm that you meet the strict membership criteria which is the cornerstone of the organisation. Specifically, you confirm that:

  1. You represent a privately owned and managed company, which is preferably endorsed by a current AOG member who has been trading satisfactorily with your company for at least one year. If this is not possible, please provide a reference of at least one other independent forwarder who you have a business relationship with who could, if requested, endorse your application.
  2. You are able to demonstrate that you are equipped and capable of servicing time sensitive shipments 24 hours a day 7 days a week, perhaps not in aviation, but in any other time critical sector.
  3. You are prepared to make payments to other members within a maximum of 30 days from end of month.
  4. You should be prepared to dedicate or offer new business to AOG members within one year of joining. ( This requirement can be waived if you have genuine commercial reasons for not making this commitment.) In such circumstances, or if you are unable to reciprocate, you will be required to explain to the member concerned offering specific commercial reasons why you cannot do so.
  5. Existing long standing relationships which cannot be changed are acceptable on the basis that you may not receive business from the AOG member in those areas. You must specify these areas on your application, at the outset, if there are contractual reasons to support this decision. We do hope, however, that you will make every effort to make changes during the course of your membership.
  6. A Senior Representative from your company will attend the AOG Annual Conference within the first year of membership, and at least 2 meetings out of every 3 in future years

About You

How did you learn about the AOG Freight 247 Network? 
if yes, who?  

Do you have professional liability insurance , or IATA or any customs or professional licences ? 

Please confirm you will make every effort to attend at least 2 meetings in every three year period, if circumstances allow. 

I declare that I am the above named person and have full authority to apply for membership of the AOGFreight247. I confirm that I have read and will comply fully with the AOGFreight247 Charter, Code of Conduct and terms of membership, as published on the AOGFreight247 website.  

I confirm that I agree to the Privacy Policy as stated on the AOG Freight 247 website  



Alternatively, download a PDF version of the application form.

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